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Varus Pharmacy - Penarth, Varus

Health Centre
Stanwell Rd
CF64 3XE

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Services funded by NHS Wales offered in this pharmacy:

Dispensing Prescriptions Health Information
Dispensing refers to the process of preparing and giving medicine to a named person on the basis of a prescription provided by a healthcare professional.
Our pharmacists and trained members of the pharmacy team will give you advice and provide medicine if needed. They may need to refer you to another healthcare professional such as your GP practice, dentist, optometrist or another NHS service if they feel your condition needs further investigation or more specialist care.
Medicine Disposal Repeat Dispensing
If you have any medicines that you no longer use, you can take them to your local pharmacy and we will dispose of them safely. You should never dispose of your old medication by yourself at home, as it could be dangerous. If you throw your unwanted medication into the bin, then it could be found by children or pets who could eat it and make themselves sick. If you try to flush your unwanted medicine down the toilet or empty it into a drain then it could be harmful to the environment, so itís just a bad idea no matter what you try! Do the right thing, do the safe thing, and give your unwanted medication to a pharmacist so they can get rid of it properly.
Repeat Dispensing is a way of getting your medicines without having to ask the doctor for a prescription each time. With these prescriptions you can collect your medicines from the pharmacy at regular intervals for up to 12 months without having to contact your doctor. Contact your local branch for more information.
Support for Self Care
At Pearnís we support and improve self-care.

Other services offered in this pharmacy:

For more details of these and other services refer to Pharmacy Services.

The pharmacist is available to talk to you in confidence about all illnesses and aspects of healthcare that may be of concern to you. You will also find information leaflets in our pharmacy giving you advice on all types of healthcare.

Prescription ordering, collection and delivery: Click here and follow instructions, or click on the prescriptions tab in the Main Menu.

If using the service for the first time please complete a consent form.

“Pearn's Pharmacies, putting patients first”

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